Winter Servicing Special Offer

Winter is upon us and it is time to put your machinery away until next spring, so now is the time to take advantage of our special offer and make sure your machinery is ready for you when you need it.

Receive 15% off labour charges on all servicing work, and also get entered into a competition to win £100 worth of Bulldog hand tools!

It is extremely important to get your machinery serviced before you put it away. We fully clean your equipment meaning there is not wet grass eating away at your cutting deck or seizing up components, replace engine consumables such as spark plugs, filters etc. We go through your machine with a fine toothcomb including draining all the old fuel out of it and replacing it with Aspen fuel. Aspen fuel in an alkalyte free fuel, meaning unlike regular fuel which is filled with ethanol, with not go off whilst stood over winter. Leaving old fuel in your carburettors over winter can be very costly and ethanol attracts water and can eat away at the jets causing alot of damage. This is why we fill your machinery with Aspen, it has a shelf life of upto 5 years and most importantly will not damage your carburettors whilst stood, and your machinery will start come spring time.

We also offer a free collection and delivery service within a 3 mile radius so why not take this oppurtunity to not only save some money and potentially win some goodies, but keep your equipment in top working order. For further details feel free to call us on 01772 628031.